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The 2023 KCB Project Report Card

I'm currently finalising our 2024 list and will share that soon, in the meantime I wanted to go back to what I had planned a year ago and score myself for the 2023 KCB Project Report Card, feels like the beginning of a new annual tradition! I was actually surprised to see the kitchen on this list, my memory was that it wasn't added to the docket until February but obviously I was wrong! So here it is warts and all, nb photos are in before and after order so be sure to scroll down.

1. & 2. Create another bedroom, transform my office into a boy’s bedroom

We currently have 3 boys in one room and as our middle guy inches towards 11 we are at a point where he needs to have some space of his own. This was a hard, hard decision for me but I know it is the right one! I will likely eventually reclaim this space but for now it makes the most sense to give it up.

Final 2023 Grade 80%

We managed to switch my old office into a bedroom for our middle guy in August. It was a huge undertaking with knock on effects to the boys room, dinning room, living room and basement. This past week I finally cleared out the closet which still had some of my office items. We need to built out the closet for him and customise the room more to his liking. I don't have an updated photo for you yet but here it is as my office back in early 2023.

My office as it was Spring 2023

3. Reclaim playroom as dining room/office

From the minute we first toured this house I knew 2 things; the kitchen needed a rethink and I wanted a wall with double doors to divide the dining & living rooms. This will create a space that can be closed off when necessary and accommodate our family at meal times, 7 people eating in our kitchen is getting trickier the more the boys grow. For reference we are projected to have 5 people in our house over 6 feet tall……

Final 2023 Grade 85%

This we did! We have been loving using this space as a dinning room and the only reason I'm not giving it 100% is because I am still struggling with working in this space. I have some solutions coming up in 2023 so stay tuned! Also while this space is functioning well it is by no means finished!

Bright lit room with cat in cat tree
Playroom as it was early 2023

Bright lit dinning room with white oval pedestal table
Not a great photo, but this is how the dinning room is today

4. Finish current library/living room refresh

I will complete this first as much of the refresh will translate into the new living room area that will be created in the late Spring/early Summer.

Final 2023 Grade 100%?

I guess we could say that I finished the refresh??? I don't really know, this space has undergone so much change in the past 12 months and will continue to evolve this year....

Open room showing dinning area and living room
Library looking into living room

Sunny living room with Milo Baughmann burl coffee table
Current living room, a space very much in progress

5. Refresh the kitchen

Ah the kitchen, the space in which I spend the most time and that functions so poorly! I have spent the past 3 years really thinking through what we need in here & I think I have finally landed on the best layout for our family & this space. I have a mini renovation planned that will allow us to have a much more functional and frankly attractive space for the next couple of years before we embark on the larger reno. This is of course all finally possible because we won’t be eating in here so I can reclaim all the space from the table and benches!

Final 2023 Grade 95%

Definitely the biggest job we tackled in 2023 and we are soooooo happy that we did it! We still have a few final touches that need to be done in here which keeps me from giving it a 100%. Also I don't think a day goes by that I am not thankful for the updates we did in this space. I am a HUGE fan of mini renos and refreshes!!!

This shows all our counters, 2 cabinets above the stove on the left no pantry

Kitchen with marble backsplash & shelves, lime wash purple lavendar paint
Kitchen today at the same angle but more zoomed in

6. Mini re-jig in the soon to be twins room  

We will likely move the majority of the toys into the basement but the lego will go into the boys room.

Final 2023 Grade 100%

This was a simple project but overall is working really well. The boys love their new space, I love that the Lego is all over the floor in their room and not in the main living space - haha!

Kids bedroom with leaf mural and red bedside tables
Boys room as it was in the Spring of 2023, I need to snap an updated pic!

7. Our closet

This is likely to be one of the first projects. This space is super dysfunctional and leads to a lot of dumping of clothes, shoes and accessories which drives me crazy! I plan to massively upgrade the function of the space - think up and give it a lot more visual appeal as well!

Final 2023 Grade 100%

The project with the biggest pay off this year for sure in that it was far simpler and less expensive than the kitchen but also functions beautifully!!!! I was definitely off in my timing as it eneded up being the last rather than one of the first projects! 6 weeks into living with the 100% finished space and it is tidy all the time, all of my ADHD closet hacks are working beautifully! I love using the closet, as does my husband and it also keeps the rest of our room so much tidier!

Our closet aka dumping ground
Interior of organised, wallpapered space
Our closer now!

8. Create a study space out of a closet 

We have a closet outside my office that isn’t used much at all and as the boys grow we see the value in having work areas not necessarily in bedrooms. I’m planning to install a desk and shelves in this nook.

Final 2023 Grade 0%

Absolutely nothing has happened in this space and it is still very much needed. This area will be top of the 2024 list of projects for sure!

Closet outside my office, nook on right will become a built in desk

9. Applecroft

This is the biggest and by far most exciting item on the list. My mom recently inherited this wonderful country home. It is nestled in beautiful countryside and we are planning to rent it out throughout the year when it isn’t in use by family. Certain things need to be upgraded and refreshed throughout the home so I’ll be working on this as well!

Final 2023 Grade 5%

Not quite a big fat 0 as we upgraded one of the technical systems this year but that was all. This project involves a lot of moving pieces and will finally get started this year!

The view from Applecroft, I don't have a good pic of the outside of the house.

Overall the 2023 KCB Project Report Card average is 70% overall, not failing but far from great. Still we got a lot accomplished last year and I can't wait for this years projects!

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