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ADHD Closet Reveal

Foreground of oil painting and wooden boxes, wallpapered closet seen in background

My ADHD closet reveal is here and I couldn't be happier!!! I have loved being part of the One Room Challenge again this year, the ORC is an 8 week challenge in which anyone can participate with the goal of finishing one space in their homes, the ORC mission is supported by the wonderful sponsor Apartment Therapy. Please be sure to hop over and check out the many amazing projects that are in the works for this year - I promise it will not disappoint. Previous posts on the ADHD closet; ADHD Storage Wall, ADHD Friendly Closet Design, Organizing an ADHD Closet, & ADHD Closet Tips, Finding visual dopamine, Project completing hack & ADHD organization Acrylic Pegboard. In the past few years I have tackled our kitchen, patio,vestibule and our boys shared bedroom.

ORC logo

The ORC is the most amazing vehicle for getting projects underway and completed in your home and this closet is such a great example! When we moved to this home 4.5 years ago I knew the closet was going to be tricky but like so many things it was pushed to the bottom of my to do list.

Interior of a messy closet
Before of the closet

Ironically painting the bedroom was the first thing that we did, even before we moved in any furniture! Still I am thankful that I didn’t tackle the closet any sooner. I now know so much more about how to set up a system for ADHD success than when we took possession and have so more confidence in my design style and abilities.

Interior messy closet shelves
Before of the closet where I chose to place the rod for long hanging items

Going back to the beginning of this project and the issues we needed solved. The main closet was a decent size but sadly dysfunctional. It had 2 hanging rods directly in front of one another making the back rod nearly impossible to access and a shelf overhead that was so deep making anything stored there essentially lost! We also had a lot of vertical space that wasn’t being used.

Interior of wallpaper closet showing Jonaxel organizational system
After with the Jonaxel system from Ikea

I planned out the Jonaxel system from Ikea which I loved for its modular design, stability and affordability.

Interior of closet with acrylic pegboard
Top of my acrylic pegboard with deep shelf for purses

Once that was sorted out I turned my mind to designing a solution for all my accessories; jewellery, belts, scarves, purses etc. I continue to be amazed by how well the acrylic pegboard is working.

Acrylic pegboard with acrylic jewellery organizer
One of the acrylic shelves with jewellery organizer - love it!

This week I added my acrylic jewellery trays, now everything is visible all at once.

Interior of closet with Scalamandre Bloom Shantung Garden wallpaper
Where I used to have deep unusable shelves I now have long hanging & a valet rod

I chose the most lovely wallpaper, added a little paint & valet rod and presto it is finished!

Interior of wallpapered closet
The pegboard is completely customizable and holds all my accessories!

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