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ADHD Friendly Closet Design

So I'm designing an ADHD friendly closet....I wan't going to participate this Fall, I've been working on a project in the background and didn't feel like I'd have the time. I've also committed to spending the next year re-organizing and simplifying our home. I'm starting with our main bedroom closet and then it hit me, just because it is a smaller project doesn't make it any less valuable and actually maybe it is even more to share because it encapsulates so many of the elements I believe are crucial to living well and beautifully with ADHD.

One Room Challenge Logo

Soooo I'm jumping into the One Room Challenge again and I am super excited!!!! The ORC is an 8 week challenge that anyone can participate in with the goal of finishing one space in our homes. Please be sure to hop over and check out the many amazing projects that are in the works for this year - I promise it will not disappoint. In the past few years I have tackled our kitchen, patio, vestibule and our boys shared bedroom.

I'lll be sharing loooots of info over the next few weeks both here and the behind the scenes on my Intagram. Here's some before shots for you!

A messy closet
The closet straight on, it's a lot bigger than it looks!

Interior of a messy closet
There's a little jog to the left with super deep built in shelving

And here's my mood board, it's going to be great and I can't wait for this wallpaper to arrive :-)!

Mood board for an ADHD friendly closet
The plan!

Be sure to keep checking back for make-over the details and also for more info on living beautifully with ADHD!

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