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Reveal - A busy boys bedroom

It's done!!!!! And we all couldn't be more excited! I cannot wait to share all the details with you but first I know everyone just wants to see the pretty after shots so here she is in all her multi-functional glory!

Also all photos are courtesy of the amazing Liz Jacobsson :-)!

Thanks so much for coming back for week 8!!! Please be sure to hop over and check out the featured designers and the other guests like me :-)! To start at the beginning of my project; week 1,week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5,week 6, week 7. Also to see all the riveting behind the scenes, what space will I tackle next????? follow me on Instagram!!

Alright so now that you've seen where we ended up lets go back in time 8 weeks to where we started.

Here are the goals that I laid out in week 1 and I'm happy to say that we knocked each one out of the park!;

-Designated 'space' for each kiddo

-Lights! Change the overhead fixture & a reading light over each headboards.

-Colour & pattern & NOT WHITE WALLS

-A window covering that is more proportional, interesting & still light blocking.

-Functional storage at the end of the bed

-A place to hang their own creations, inspirations

Fort building pillows (those are still in progress)

It is really hard to choose my favourite part of this space as I feel all the elements work well together to accomplish the overall goal of a fun, inspiring space for the boys. I am particularly pleased by how well the painted wall panels work and particularly the sneaky hidden bulletin boards. Each boy has their own board and it is a really good use of the vertical space with which this room is blessed. I'm sure they will manage to fill them up but when they're not full they still look beautiful and intentional!

The ikea hacked beds and custom headboards have been a huge hit with the boys, one of them has tried a few nights to use it as a pillow?! These beds are a great solution to fit lots of bed into a small area and also give a wonderful impact. Paired with individual reading lights they give each boy their own little nook. Using the same fabric on the twins' bed and the 'bigger kid' bed ties to the two styles of bedframe together and honours the needs of each kiddo :-).

Adding to this are the oversized bedside tables. It was imperative that each child had their own storage space for their own items and collections. While the tables are large scale-wise next to the beds they work because they are raised up on legs making them look airier and each bedside table also has an open shelf in the middle introducing some soothing negative space. The other really important part is that each table has drawers, I think we all know this from kitchens, generally drawers work better to fit more things into less space. This is particularly important with kiddos who generally are accumulating smaller things. The colour and finish should live up to the abuse these tables will no doubt face ;-).

The pattern mix. I love colour and pattern and so do my boys. The tried and true trick of choosing a hero/trophy fabric (great info in Anna Spiro's book on this process) and then pulling out colours worked beautifully with the Ikea bird fabric. Then using a mix of larger and smaller scale patterns and textures gives the depth and interest to make the colour & pattern story a winner. The colour story of shades of green paired with one colour of blue and accented with hits of red and golden yellow gives the vibrancy and fun for a room used by such creative bunch.

We had two fun family DIYs that we also added into the space, the molecule inspired 'chandelier' and the succulent terrariums. With the 9 year old already showing a keen interest in science it was fun to make Water and Amino molecules along with Carbon chains and then have the remaining pieces from the sets used by the boys to build their own creations :-).

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey. I have so many more spaces to tackle and ideas to share. A closing thought on jumping outside of your comfort zone. I have wanted to complete a space top to bottom for years but knew I lacked certain skills. Jumping into this challenge has forced me to learn so many new skills, problem solve on the spot and just have a lot of fun. I encourage you all to challenge yourself to try new things particularly in your areas of passion and interest :-)!

Lastly I'd love to have you follow my latest adventures over on IG!

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