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Keeping Chaos Beautiful 2024 Project List

I have a lot on my list this year for Keeping Chaos Beautiful, the 2024. project list is long! If you want to see how last year went you can check out the list and the report card. For this year the final project on the list, Applecroft, is definitely the biggest one but there are also quite a few projects to tackle in our own home.

White dining table, wood dining chairs & built in bookcases

The biggest & most fun project I have planned in our house this year is the Living Room & Dining Room.  I’ve done a LOT of re-arranging of these spaces over the years but no full decorating.  The now dining room used to be the boys playroom and at one point I had the space divided into 3 ‘rooms’. It's tricky because the ‘room’ is long, 30 feet, but only 11ish feet wide.  As I’ve discussed before, the long term plan is to divide the space into 2 rooms with a wall and sliding doors but that won’t likely happen this year. In addition, like when we did the kitchen last year we will eventually open up the wall between the two spaces so I am taking that into account as well. 

Interior white dining table with wood chairs
Current dining room

In terms of the final furniture layout  I have spent a lot of time working on it and am finally happy where we have landed.  There are a lot of moving pieces in this project including building in the units in the dining room.

Interior living room with turquoise cabinet and Milo baughman coffee toble
Living room as it is today

The linen Closet is the smallest project and also the first on the list but will have the biggest day to day impact. It is completely dysfunctional now and I am really looking forward to getting it sorted out! I will be using the entire The KCB Way toolkit on this space!

Interior of a linen closet outside a white bathroom with a navy sink cabinet
The dysfunctional linen closet

Beside that is the Boys Bathroom which is the first room we worked on when we moved in.  We have some real ADHD/EF storage issues in this space which is shared by the 4 boys and I have a concrete plan to fix them.

White bathroom with floral shower curtain & navy sink cabinet
Looks ok but not functioning well

New Work Station is also in the closet category but is a much larger space.  Up until now it has been a clothes closet but is never used and a workstation is badly needed.  We plan to build in a desk and storage.  I will be moving my desktop computer here to free up space in the dining room.  

Interior closet
Not the best photo but it is a pretty deep space

The Twins Bedroom is another space that is in need of better function, namely the Lego storage!  Now that the lego is in their room the old system isn’t working so I am dreaming up a new flexible solution.

Kids play room with lots of Lego colour sorted in bins and leaves painted on walls
Lego bins will stay, cabinet will go

Applecroft is a huge project but needs to be started!  We plan to clear out a lot of items and do a few small jobs so that we can start renting it part of the year.  It will be an ongoing project for the next few years as there is a lot to do. Really that is a whole other blog post!

Exterior sunset over a trees and field
Always the most magical sunsets

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