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Welcome Home - A Vestibule Vivication

Welcome back for another iteration of the One Room Challenge. An amazing event that happens twice a year that anyone can join with the goal to finish one space in their home :-)! Please hop over and check out the featured designers and the other guests like myself.

What are the high value, high functioning areas of your home? You know those spaces used by all members of your household that perform a myriad of functions?? Just like in the outside world homes have valuable real estate. I have an informal formula in my head that goes something like f x s = ?. In other works the number of functions a space performs multiplied by the square footage equals it's real estate value to your family. I have not, nor will I, figure out that actual number for our vestibule but I know it rivals the kitchen in value. Like everywhere we have lived we do not have a mudroom. While this house does have an integrated garage we don't enter that way as that door opens directly to my mom's floor of the house. If you are new around here, my mother, who has some health challenges, has lived with us for the past 2.5 years. So instead we walk up 12 steps and enter on what is in effect the second floor of the house. We live in what can be best described as a raised split level??? Anyway back to the vestibule. Once we enter we have this little space that performs a LOT of functions.

There are 7 of us so that means a lot of shoes, boots and coats and that is before backpacks, snow suits and swim equipment. Not to mention mail and plant paraphernalia. I have always had high, high hopes for this space and I knew we couldn't go another winter without finishing it. Within 6 months of moving in we opened up the closet area and had a little work done but it has been sitting unfinished for the past 2 years.

I am super excited to get going on it. I have specific functions I want to tackle and finishes I want to incorporate. I have a great idea for shoe storage that we have been trying out and is working a treat! It is such a small place that I am excited to make it a little more glamorous and fun. I also want to banish the white so the dirt doesn't show so much!!! In addition I plan on refinishing both sides of the front door which you can see are in a very poor way. Our postie (letter carrier) is very kind but I know he is fed up with having to push mail past whatever David has stuffed into the broken mail slot on any given day!

And thusly I give you the Vestibule Mood board

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1 Comment

Kourtney DeVries
Kourtney DeVries
Oct 03, 2021

Yay! Exciting! Hoping for some tips for my tiny coat nook

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