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The KCB Way

Hi ADHDer!  I'm Neyir, a mom of 4 boys & caregiver to my mom, from Canada who used to live in the US and the UK before that. I had no idea I had ADHD until after my boys were born and my mom moved in with us.  I'm passionate about interior design and living beautifully but even more about spaces that function and make us FEEL good.  With the KCB Way I'm sharing the core principals, the Pillars, that I have been experimenting with & refining for some time. I'm excited to see how you use them to create beauty and order in your gorgeous and sometimes chaotic lives (of course I may be projecting the chaos, I live with a LOT of boys after all!) 

The KCB Pillars


The Art of Putting Away

Ranger is a french verb that means everything from tidying up, to putting away to organising.  When we organise spaces, the fundamental and crucial truth is that for the ADHDer the ease of putting away is paramount.

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The Art of telling your home's story your way

Homes are as unique as the people who live in them.  What do you want from your home?  Is it a calm relaxing zone, is it invigorating and joyful.  Is it bright & light or deeper and moody.  When we know how we want to feel in our home & in individual parts of it, it help us to determine the home's visual story which influences everything from patterns to finishes.

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The Art of Minimixing YOUR un-important

Many of us ADHDers love stuff!  But clutter is not good for us and often holds us back.  Selective minimalism is the art of pairing down items in the must have areas of your life you may not care about to make space for more in your areas of interest & yes sometimes those change!

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The art of uncovering your home's style & colour palette

Do you want and need to wake up to a sunshiny bathroom?  Need a calming blue oasis?  We all react differently to colour, pattern & texture and knowing the emotion & energy we want to evoke in different parts of our home helps us to choose the colours & materials that will support us as well as the style that reflect's our Home's story.


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The Art of the right flexible system

You need a home you love and so does EVERYTHING you own.  It may sound extreme but when we don't approach 'stuff' by categories and assign it homes in the right places we spend way too much energy and Executive Function putting things away or likely not putting things away.

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The art of change

Life is all about change and often we fall in and out of love with hobbies & activities.  It is critical to design final storage solutions as well as transitory spaces that work for your home and family. Over used transition spaces tell us that another principle is not working.

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